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I think it's important (and fun!) to share some of the work i fumbled around and played with while i got to go to art school.

senior project

"Lux" is my senior thesis animation, completed for my bfa in Computer Animation.

It features my experience (as a college senior) in 3D animation, motion graphics, art direction, and the use of motion capture technology.

                  to Watch my process for using motion capture data to animate characters.

first animation

Traditionally, the first thing an animator is asked to do in school is to convincingly animate a ball bounce.  To demonstrate that you understand and can properly portray the concepts of mass, weight, stretching and squashing.

Perhaps out of fear of my early technical abilities, I thought i'd also like to use the opportunity to demonstrate my love of storytelling.

second animation

For our second animation we were asked to take a flour sac and put it in a "heist" situation.

The same principles of animation as the ball bouncing were supposed to be demonstrated here. And i continued to lean on my desire to tel stories...

3D modeling + graphic design

this was an assignment for a 3D modeling class;  To make some 3D objects and put them convincingly in a photograph.  I modeled the rickety ladder and the slide and put them in a photo that I took in midtown manhattan.

photography + graphic design

Here we were tasked with making a visual homonym by creating a graphic layout.

I chose to photograph my very talented sister and satirize the fashion magazine.

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